Super Bowl Sunday is as important in American Culture as the Fourth of July, motherhood and apple pie (Okay, maybe not motherhood). Some watch the Super Bowl for the ludicrous commercials, others to cheer on their favorite teams, but mostly everyone looks forward to the enormous displays of food and drinks that this Sunday has to offer. We’ve highlighted some members in the area that are having some super, Super Bowl deals.


  • While Kevin’s Dining room closes at 5pm, the annual Super Bowl buffet will be starting at 6pm. There are wing and drink specials all day long, and tons of football pools, prizes, and more.

Bennington Beverage Outlet

  • They will be holding a Beer Tasting on Saturday as well as a drawing for a free Charcoal Grill for the Super Bowl.

Tap House at Catamount Glass

  • While Tap House is typically not open on Sundays they will be hosting a Pre-Super Bowl party from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday.There will be free food, and beer specials leading up to the big game.


  • This sports bar will have a bunch of specials going on during the Super Bowl. Along with their 50 cent wing specials, there will also be $2.00 bud light drafts, and finger food spreads so you can munch away during the game.


  • The popular pizza stop on Main St. will be doing a ton of deals during the Super Bowl. They will be having their Super Bowl Bundle, which is two Large Cheese Pizzas, two orders of Wings, and a two Liter Soda for $45.00 (Plus Tax). They will also be doing an all day Large Cheese Pizza for $9.99 (Plus Tax). They will also have a dine-in only special, which will be two orders of wings, two 16 oz. beers and that will be $25.00 (Plus Tax). All seven of Ramunto's TV’s will be broadcasting the big game in surround sound, and there will be a super bowl party sponsored by Coors and Miller lite, with a ton of giveaways and prizes.


  • The Grocery store will be stocking up and displaying deals all Sunday. In the deli, there will be sandwhich and wing platters all day. In the meat department they will have ground beef and strip steak on sale, and they will also have Baby Back Ribs, and St. Louis Ribs, fully cooked. There will also be select pizzas, chips, crackers, and several sodas, and alcohol on sale.

Whether you’re a Patriots fan, or a Falcons fan (It would be smart in New England to say you’re a Patriots fan) there will be an abundance of food to feed the army of New England die-hards, and Falcon fans too.