by Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness says it’s “personalized support” and fun, new workout programs  

Bennington, VT – How many times have you said to yourself, “This time is going to be different.  This time I’m really going to eat smarter and exercise more often.”  Vowing to change behaviors is easy.  Actually finding the right plan – and sticking with it – that’s the tricky part.

There are no guarantees in life, of course.  But the folks at Anytime Fitness believe they’ve come up with a formula to help almost anyone improve their health and fitness, no matter how much assistance they need.

“It’s all about personalized support and coaching, and making fitness fun, not boring,” said Melissa Scheffler, the Club Manager of Anytime Fitness 120 Depot St, Bennington, VT location.  “The key is developing a realistic plan that includes a wide variety of workouts and a partner or partners to help you stay on track.”

To help as many people in the community as possible Get to Healthier Place®, Anytime Fitness is offering a special “Join for $1” deal to new members who join the gym October 3-5.  The special offer features a free personal training session which includes:

A free fitness consultation
A free personalized 30-day fitness plan
Free access to the new Anytime Fitness mobile app

“Our new mobile app is a really big deal,” said Scheffler.  “It has the largest library of workout programs available on any fitness app.  Think of it as ‘a new workout everyday’ to help you stay motived.  And our staff will be more than happy to help you figure out which workout programs are right for you.”

The Anytime Fitness app allows members to set daily, weekly, and long-term goals and to track their progress towards those goals.  The app also provides gym usage information, tracks steps taken, calories burned, calories consumed and active minutes.  To compile all of that data, The Anytime Fitness app syncs with companion apps, including MapMyFitness® and many popular tracking devices like Fitbit®.

“New technology can be helpful when it comes to achieving fitness goals because it provides feedback and positive reinforcement in real time,” said Scheffler “But technology alone isn’t the answer.  Nearly all of our members who’ve greatly improved their health and fitness say it’s the support they receive from others that’s most important.  Whether it’s words of encouragement from a friendly trainer, or other gym members who tell you that you’re looking good, nothing beats being part of a gym community.”

To learn more about the “Join for $1” special offer, contact our 120 Depot St, Bennington VT Anytime Fitness club location, call 802-681-0161 or email benningtonvt@anytimefitness.com