The SHires LEadership

Bootcamp SerieS

The objective of this bootcamp series is to provide relevant, classroom-style, half-day workshops in order to build the needed competencies and skill development for area employers and their employees.  These workshops will create skills to help employees better manage, coach and lead the workforce in Southern Vermont.  This series is focused on those seeking more interpersonal, soft-skill, supervisory development to further their career.  

Additionally, these workshops were created (through a USDA grant) to provide organizations within the area cost-effective, results-oriented trainings through the help of various agencies and instructors organized under one vehicle: the area Chamber.

We are looking to launch this Bootcamp series starting in June in Arlington, Vermont.  We will be hosting the monthly workshops mentioned below.  Place and cost, along with more information will be coming soon.

Tentative Monthly Workshop Themes (dates and location TBA):

o   Workshop #1: Show Up, On Time, Ready to Go! – Leading with Time Management

o   Workshop #2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Leading with Conflict Resolution

o   Workshop #3: Building High-Performance Work Teams That Matter – Leading with Team Management 

o   Workshop #4:  Meetings with Purpose - Leading with Meeting Management

o   Workshop #5: Providing the WOW Factor in Customer Service – Leading with Quality Customer Service

o   Workshop #6: Navigating the Board – Leading with Nonprofit Board Development