The Bennington and surrounding communities have been thinking and talking about the recent closing of Southern Vermont College. The closing of this institution is devastating, both culturally and economically to many of us.

The best possible way to channel our emotions and concern is by pulling together as a community and making the closure of the college and departure of the staff as seamless and caring as a possible.

With that in mind, a couple of concerned businesses and the local chamber of commerce have pulled together an initiative we’re calling, “The Remember SVC Project.” This page on the chamber website will be dedicated to these efforts.

Throughout the coming weeks and months, this group will have various initiatives pulled together to raise funds for our SVC Staff Support Fund, a fund that will only go towards making the staff and faculty of SVC, those losing their jobs, whole. We have goals to meet based on conversations with the SVC leadership that will ensure a “wholeness” transition for staff. The faculty and staff are our friends and neighbors; they are our customers; they have been through a terrible ordeal; coming to their aid is the right thing to do. It is the Vermont thing to do. It is the Bennington thing to do.

Many of these efforts will focus on what our member businesses can do to generate revenue to assist the college and staff.

Project #1

SVC Appreciation Day

On Saturday, May 18th we are asking participating stores and businesses to donate 10% of their profits to the SVC Staff Support Fund. The town will be busy as the final SVC graduation takes place at the college on Saturday. There are a couple of anonymous donors who will match up to $22,500 of the funds raised. All funds raised this day will be given to a local trustee at the college who will designate it to provide the college a way to meet staff financial obligations.

We encourage residents and visitors alike, visit and shop our Bennington stores as they give back and remember Southern Vermont College!