Ninja Bike Path Update | posted on 11/26/2013

The Town of Bennington has graciously agreed to be the receptor for funds being raised to support our efforts in developing a community bike and walking trail known as the Ninja Trail. This work has been started through all volunteer time and energy with the cooperation of all adjoining landowners. As a Special Initiative under the Bennington Economic Development Partnership, the Town has endorsed the project. BCRC has secured a grant for a study to develop the plans for the crossing of the North Bennington Road and other potential difficult intersections. Right now we need gravel and geotextile. We have a price for the geotextile – just not the money to buy it. We also need the promise of gravel so we can prepare the two connector paths between the trimmed path and the Morse Road – creating a loop. I encourage you all to call 442-1037 and make a contribution to enable the long awaited bike path to come to fruition.